[Fsf-friends] IT @ School Project

Arun M arun@freedevelopers.net
26 Oct 2002 07:39:33 +0530

> There are  obvious errors  in the article  about free software  in the
> malayalam text book of 8th Std IT@School Project.  The errors may have
> crept during the translation of the English text to Malayalam.  But it
> cannot be allowed  to happen because if allowed to,  it would convey a
> wrong    interpretation    about    free    software    amongst    the
> students/teachers/other persons.

 Thanks for pointing out. This is a major mistake. We will try to get it
corrected. I dont know if it has gone to press.

> The authorities at IT@School are saying that they will convert to more
> free software. But  I do not think it will ever  happen.  If one looks
> at the text books for 8th  Std, this becomes quite evident.  One would
> doubt  whether it is  a text  book or  some advertising  supplement of
> Microsoft and Intel.  Wherever there is a picture of a microprocessor,
> it is an Intel Pentium chip.  The chapter on software packages shows a
> logo of  Windows XP.   The chapter on  wordprocessing shows a  logo of
> Microsoft Word 2000...
> Should this be allowed ?  This has to be fixed.....

 I understand IT@School has decided to change this(because they also
felt, they are giving `free` Ads to Intel/MS). Again want support from
others. They would like get suggestions and alternative version.