[Fsf-friends] RE:FLAG

Kanti Jadia Kanti Jadia" <j_kanti@rediffmail.com
7 Oct 2002 18:01:02 -0000

I have come in contact with few people who would like to donate 
money for this cause.
Now the problem is two fold.

a.To whom should i direct this small amount of money.

b.How can i further the cause so as to help them donate more.They 
have been using various free software's for some work and like the 
concept too.

On the point of running informal Free Software User Groups.
The group we need to form in nagpur will cater both as a FLUG as 
well as a GLUG.
This in simple terms means that they will also provide help in 
formalising/configuring/using free software for certain needs.
The monetory portion thus collected will be further directed 
promoting use of free software.
We also plan to distribute free software cd's since they are not 
available locally.

To support all these activities what things have to be done.

 From the following link


i understand that a trust can be formed which will take care of 
the activities.

Would like input from all patrons of FSF-India as well as the 


Kanti Jadia