[Fsf-friends] Fwd: Govt Stand on Linux

Ajith Kumar ajith@nsc.ernet.in
Fri, 04 Oct 2002 08:57:47 +0530

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> Subject: letter
> Date: 3 Oct 2002 17:28:43 -0000
> From: "ramanunni s sivasankaran" <hitharamanunni@rediffmail.com>
> To: ckraju@zyberway.com
> I invite your kind attention to the resolution adopted by the
> Pattanchery Grama Panchayat about the installation of Linux in
> the computer during the month of January this year.   In this
> regard we had sent a letter to the secretary to the government for
> the approval of Linux installation in the computers.
> The additional secretary for secretary department of local
> administration in his letter ltr.no 31914/02 dla dt.25.9.02 to the
> secretary pattanchery grama Panchayat has strictly   objected the
> installation of Linux as operating system in the computer when it
> is being installed in the Panchayat instead of windows.

Somebody from Trivandrum should meet this secretary and ask to justify
his order. Either he is ignorant about IT or he is playing in the hands of
vested interest.
The  adamant stands of any official for  MSWindows has to be seen in the light
the recently exposed  "Modi Xerox bribery scandal".  Our buerocracy is known
corruption. All these hurdles on the path of Free Softeware is pointing
towards the
necessity of a grassroot level  awareness program.