[Fsf-friends] Query on scripts to study servers ...

Vinay Pawar zoyd@gmx.net
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 23:28:29 +0000

Try this command:
WHATOS=gnu.org ; wget http://www.netcraft.com/whats/?host=$WHATOS ; cat 
  \?host\=$WHATOS |grep -A2 "\- regular whatos text" > $WHATOS ; cat $WHATOS

Note: the above is one command.
I didn't have html2text handy ... try a '; html2text' at the end.
Hope this helps.
Vinay Pawar

Frederick Noronha wrote:
> Could someone help me with this task? I need some scripts that would help
> me to search for the type of servers a particular host is running. (One
> could use netcraft.com to find that out, but it would be rather
> time-consuming.) On the other hand, scripts which could automate this task
> would help me to collect the info and dump those in a file. How difficult
> would this task be? Do let me know... FN
> PS: If someone could give me cost estimate for writing the script, I'd be
> grateful...