[Fsf-friends] Forwarded: Free software for radio?

Frederick Noronha fred@bytesforall.org
Sat, 24 Aug 2002 00:24:04 +0530 (IST)

Pls reply to Robert Michel <Robert.Michel@post.rwth-aachen.de>

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Slave Alokesh, Fred & Georg,

thanks for sending radio news from India. The news"local communities, 
non-profit organizations and educational institutions (Universities) for
educational, cultural and economic development " request the question, 
what is necessary for build a low budget radiostation?

The most important element becomes Software. Why not writing
 "free software" under GNU GPL for making radio ?

Some weeks ago I found the vision from Patrick, swiss, 
and started to support him:

Ross should be a toolbox, able to make a radio with one laptop only 
to running a big radio-network with satellite and internetlinks.

Why "free software" - there are already 3-5 commercial solutions?

- these are very expensive and keep the costumers in
  dependency to these software-houses. In analog times,
  everybody was able to replace a player "out of order",
  nowadays you have wait for support on telephone.

-  cheap solutions used by non-profit organizations are
   good enought for playing music, not for journalistic work

-  licence restricted software make it impossible for new
   people to learn using it at home.

-  analog radio times was good for blind people, software
  based radiostations are not usable today for them.

-  .......

Can you help me ?
I'm looking for developer worldwide. People with radio experiences
to saying me what regional culture of radio-studios they know,
what software should be,
programmer (C++),
and later translator to make the software international.

Which mailing-lists, websites, radio active people do you know?

Do you have some more informations about these new stations in India?
When will this start?

Thanks for your attations - a better mail for sending to mailinglist
we will write next weeks. The ross-team are already 6 people with 
more or less time for this. (Swiss, Germany, Austrian) Would be
nice to find people for ross in India, too.

Greetings form Aachen, Germany