[Fsf-friends] Re: [LIG]Indianisation of GNU/Linux

Guntupalli Karunakar karunakar@freedomink.org
Sat, 17 Aug 2002 15:40:59 +0530

On 17 Aug 2002 13:56:01 +0530
Sayamindu Dasgupta <unmadindu@Softhome.net> wrote:

> yups,
> that's a lot of info, and in a very well organised manner
> basically, i personally believe that as soon as pango has it's next
> release, we may be able to bring full scale support for indic
> languages in Linux as far as gnome is concerned. (of course, a
> massive effort is needed)
 Yeah, from translations side too ( I am coordinating Gnome 2 hindi
translations )

> for KDE i don't know, Taneem Ahmed <taneem@eyetap.org> may be able
> to answer
> however, as far as i know, for bangla, suitable opentype (*.otf)
> fonts are not ready, and i believe that's the case with many other
> indic languages too
 QT 3.0.3 onwards has basic Unicode support for all indian scripts, it
the level 1 support for Unicode,
 not CTL rendering, by opinion of Qt developers is Opentype is the way
to go.
 I feel we should coordinate with Qt developers and get indic
rendering support. Skills wise it needs strong C++ & knowledge of Qt