[Fsf-friends] DeveloperIQ: Compile your kernel, get new GNU/Linux software....

Frederick Noronha fred@bytesforall.org
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 09:56:51 +0530 (IST)

Some updates from the August 2002 issue of DeveloperIQ www.developeriq.com

	* LINUXmag section has a special article on how to
	  compile your own Linux kernel, by Philip de Groot.Get
	  better hardware support by compiling your kernel... or
	  move to a more faster and stable kernel.

	* On the CD: Corel Photo-Paint 9 for Linux.

	* Editorial: Microsoft is learning a few tricks from the
	  Open Source space (by Ramdas S ramdas@developeriq.com)
	  "You would not get the source code of any Microsoft products
	  at least as of now! The strategy is to offer free products
	  in space where the competition from Open Source is strong
	  to match in offerings. The new ASP.Net Web Matrix, which
	  supports ASP programming, is now freely available.And 
	  Microsoft is backing it up with support, unlike the
	  Open Source Community." (Whatever this is supposed to mean!!!FN)

	* Ramdas says: "At the point of writing, we were trying to
	  figure whether we could connect it to MySQL on Windows
	  instead of the more expensive MS SQL server..." (So, the
	  freedom of affordability is important too ;-)

	* Special DeveloperIQ Linux applications collection CDs:
	  RedHat 7.2, 2 CDs Rs 299
	  RedHat 7.3, 5 CDs Rs 699
	  Caldera OpenLinux - Workstation 3.1.1, 2 CDs Rs 199
	  Caldera OpenLinux - Server 3.1.1., 2 CDs Rs 199
	  Mandrake 8.2, 3 CDs Rs 499 with support Rs 999
	  Debian 2.2, 3 CDs Rs 499 or with support Rs 999
	  (support for 30 days or 30 e-mails, whichever earlier)

	* LINUX MAG INDIA-on-CD: 18 Cs in a year. Rs 1499. Get a 
	  whole lot of Linux apps and the latest updates. Log on
	  to www.linuxmagindia.com for full details.
	  Five CD starter kit contains RedHat 7.2, Openoffice 1.0,
	  Galeon 1.2.1, KDE 3.0, Mozilla Internet suite 1.0rc2,
	  Netscape 6.2.1, Acrobat reader 4.05, Gimp 1.2.3, 
	  Ximian Gnome 1.4, Kmail, gqmpeg 0.12.0, Etherape
	  0.8.2, Kyahoo 0.7, Image 0.1.9, Qcad 1.4.7, Blender 2.12,
	  Cross Artist 1.1, sfront 0.7 and more
	  Development tools: j2re1.4.0, j2sdk1.4.0, j2sdk1.4.0Forte,
	  Redhat 7.2 manuals: installation guide, getting started
	  guide, customization guide, reference guide, release notes,
	  MySQL 3.23 a Redhat RPM, server (i386), Behcnmark/test
	  suites, client program, libraries and header file for 
	  development, client shared libraries, binary package, Glade,
	  Anjuta 0.1.7, clip 0.93, DDD 3.3.1, DejaGNU 1.4.2,
	  gIDE 0.3.5, GNU Debugger 5.0, gnome debut 0.1.5,
	  jDBA 0.7, KDE SDK 2.2.1, Open DAP 2.0.19, pyut 1.0, Libtool
	  1.4.2 and more
	  ENTERTAINMENT:  Half-life Opposing Force Server, Trophy 1.0.1,
  	  Tux Racer 0.61, Mojoworld Transporter 1.02, Search and
	  Resume Game, Q3Text (Linux)1.07, Armagetron, abuse-SDL0.6.0,
	  Vega Strike 0.2.0-14, 4st Attack Version, SDL_Paradroid,
	  EasySok Version: 0.3.0., FreeDroid 0.7.0, Decopter
	  Version 0.2.3, Penguin Command Version, gf passthru Version;
	  0.0.1-alpha, Iter Vehemens Ad Necem Version 0.311, Operation
	  Blacksun 2 Version.

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