[Fsf-friends] LINK: Open source for e-government

Frederick Noronha fred@bytesforall.org
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 04:29:41 +0530 (IST)


 Open Source for E-Government

      Call for Participation

  Open Source: A Case for

Washington, DC
Oct. 17 - 18, 2002

infoDev, the Cyberspace Policy Institute of The George Washington
University, and the UNDP are proud to present a conference on Open
Source: A Case for e-Government to be held in Washington, DC, USA, Oct.
17 - 18, 2002.

The conference will draw participants from local, national and
international organizations from both the public and private sector.

The goals of the conference include:

 *  the presentation of best practices
 *  raising awareness
 *  sharing of experiences among policy makers, donors, users/consumers,
    universities, and industry specialists in Open Source, e-Government
    and related fields.

To facilitate the organization of topics and events at the conference,
you are invited to submit speaking and demonstration proposals. We
strongly encourage speakers from both developed and developing countries
to share experiences and submit proposals.

 *  Read the Call for Speakers